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A circle of investors for impact finance

About Cyan Reef Society​

We believe in treating every euro as an investment in the future we want to create. We believe that investing sustainably, for the long term, is the most effective path to creating value. We believe in keeping score and being transparent in our investment performance. We strive to fulfil our purpose by creating a powerful voice in financial sustainability. 

Our name invokes a notion of colour cyan – a colour of a healthy oceanic reef. A beautiful and fragile ecosystem, worth preserving. 

Cyan Reef Society is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and serves investors, institutions and communities across Europe, the US and Asia.


The Cyan Reef Society’s serves the purpose of active promotion and development of best practices in ethical / impact / ESG finance and investing. The Society’s mission is:  

  1. Facilitation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and creation of economic and financial opportunities with the themes centered on: (a) climate change mitigation, protection of the environment; (b) societal equality of opportunity, quality of life and well-being; (c) technology innovation,  sustainable development of infrastructure and industry.
  2. Advancing opportunities in impact finance with positive investment goals, aligned with environmental, social, and good governance standards, including the above principles.
  3. Promoting  awareness and financial literacy on the topics of responsible finance.
  4. Engagement thought leaders, innovators and connectors, to shape governance standards, market infrastructure and financial opportunities.

Engagement and Activities

The Cyan Reef Society and its members are engaged in promotion and active development of:  

  • Sustainable and impact finance, ESG standards in corporations.
  • Profitable investment opportunities.
  • Education, awareness, financial literacy and responsible finance.
  • Investment platform for greater access and participation in sustainable finance.

The Society serves as an engagement platform for its members and the broader community through and by means of:

  • Regular round-tables, investor events and thematic community meetings
  • Reporting and analytics on the contemporary issues and developments in sustainable finance
  • Operating and  proprietary infrastructure to facilitate retail investing in public and private sustainable and ESG projects
  • Promotion of curated investment opportunities, best practices in financial sustainability and impact finance
  • Supporting education and academic institutions
  • Student internships within the Cyan Reef Society institutional network
  • A platform for promoting academic and industry research in the domain
  • A proprietary sustainable market index.

Cyan Reef Society is set to incubate a voluntary private fund, with focus on sustainability. The fund will be governed by best practices in ESG and impact.

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